Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beware the witchdoctor!

Small update: Contrary to expectations I found some painting time today, and I'm all too proud of my first finished witchdoctor (to cause my explorers a serious headache):

Fabulous model from Wargames Foundry. Like the way the bloodstained hand and the white body paint turned out. I'm looking forward to smudging the other equally ingenious miniatures from the blister. Maybe it's time for a whole witchdoctor unit... :o


Giles said...

*****y hell, you have painted that very well indeed. I painted loads of Darkest Africa stuff when the figures first came out, but never touched the pack of witchdoctors because they looked so difficult to paint. The snake skin is superb.

Looking forward to following your blog.

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Hey giles, great honour to have you here (as all other visitors, of course!). The witchdoctors are a fine bunch of miniatures, you shouldn't be afraid to paint them up. You could use any colour scheme that springs to your mind, it will fit the bill.

There are some Redcoats on my desk waiting for final touches. Maybe the Indian Summer round here will bring me back to them.




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