Saturday, September 13, 2008

Darkest Africa Explorers

First posting for the most recent project.

Some people round here are planning to start a Darkest Africa campaign. We will use Rattrap's .45 Adventure rules. Thus every participant has to prepare only a small expedition composed of at least 2 or 3 miniatures.

My leading character is an old-fashioned German officer, Oberst August Theophil von Tittwitz, who roams the continent on big game hunting. He's accompanied by his wife Henriette Agatha (also addicted to guns & games) and some baggage bearers. In order of appearance, their names are Wamwara (meaning intelligent), Ngigi (meaning grasshopper) and Pak Man Anh (not to be translated). The last one has been imported from the new German colony of Kiautschou.
All miniatures are Wargames Foundry, sculpted by talented Marc Copplestone.

There are already a German captain and a foreign gentleman in my collection, ready to join as NPCs or the like. These are Wargames Foundry, too.

I've also painted two typical African animals that will feature as our big game - or as deadly encounters, who knows?

Next on my list for this project are some Native warriors and their evil leaders.

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Secundus said...

Great stuff!


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