Saturday, September 20, 2008

"They've stolen my wife!"

Lately I was listening to Homer's Iliad adapted for radio play and it took me by surprise - immediately I had to dig up some suitable miniatures from my collection. So glad I haven't sold them when I had the chance to do so (thanks to matey Tellus for impeding).
The Trojan War is such a fascinating setting, an in-between of legend and history. Thus the tales of heroes like Achilleus and Hector provide an excellent background for a kind of wargaming I would call "narrative". And that's what I'm aiming for.
The first batch of warriors is already undercoated. I've gone for the 'bad guys', i.e. the Achaeans and painted up a causing character first: Menelaus, king of Sparta, betrayed husband of beautiful Helen.

It's a Foundry figure, dressed in Mycenaean war gear of the 12th century BC. (Rather than nevertheless cool-looking Hoplites from Petersen's "Troy".) Like all heroes of this range, sculpted by the Perry Twins, Menelaus resembles an illustration from Peter Connolly's "The Ancient Greece of Odysseus". It's a great book, so I tried to copy the given colours as close as possible, with improvised design on scabbard and shield.

Other Greek heroes will follow soon. Maybe more regular units will be added later, but first there are some bloody skirmishes to be fought out...


El Grego said...

Very nice, a great start to your blog! Here's to many more posts (and pics...)


Secundus said...

I agree, great start to blog. Very nice painting indeed. A true Master if ever I saw one.

Sire Godefroy said...

Many thanks for your kind comments. Hopefully I can present an update soon. September saw a real mixture of miniatures leaving my painting desk, but I had no time for a proper photo session. So keep your eyes open. :)




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