Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome aboard!

Let me introduce you to my new weblog.
I have started this one to bring all my efforts of reducing the mountain of unpainted lead (and even plastic) miniatures together. Hopefully it will become the place of showing results, getting feedback - and through this: getting motivation, too.

After some useless trials to concentrate on one or two projects, finally I've decided not to be bound by any themes, ranges or the like. Therefore the interested visitor may expect miniatures from all producers and genres. The blog shall be as mixed as my wargaming interests which reach from sci-fi to fantasy, from ancient to modern settings.

From time to time there will be updates presenting the latest work from the painting desk as well as some older stuff from my collection. But as it's all about wargaming, there might be related thoughts, ideas & sometimes rants either.

I'm not that sure to ever really conquering the lead mountain - but he who never tries, never succeeds. So, there's work to be done. ;)

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