Thursday, October 09, 2008

Huntress in the Dark

Now, kind of an accidental spin-off. Few weeks ago a friend showed me some of Foundry's Street Violence miniatures and told me about his plans to stage a Near Future-project inspired by the "Underworld" movies. Couldn't really remember those films, so I watched them again (can't go wrong with Kate Beckinsale in tight dresses, right?) - and was instantly doomed to have a miniature representing a vampiric huntress.

Fortunately, once again Hasslefree had one and I ordered her along with Oberon & Titania (see below). Have to admit, painting huge black surfaces isn't my cup of tea. So I've experimented a bit, ending with an obscure mixture of Foundry's black paint set, heavy drybrushing and GW's black and blue inks.

First inspiration came from Neldoreth's WIP-Selene on the LAF forum (thanks for that). The painting here is very smooth, but the bluish skin tone didn't work for me.
My version should look a bit more lively. Actually I'm not that happy with the way her eyes turned out. I wanted to resemble Kate's ice blue irides, but now she stares a bit and there's no real difference between iris and the white in her eyes.

Don't know if she will ever see action on the tabletop. So I painted her for fun and mounted her on a high base (which I usually try to avoid).
But as I like the Vampire/Werewolf theme and all kinds of those crazy superhero-things, maybe there will be some friends & fiends in the foreseeable future.


Giles said...

Very nice - you've highlited the black perfectly, which is very hard to do (and I can't!!).

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks again, giles. She isn't highlighted, strictly speaking. As I said, only some messing about with all kinds of dark paint. ;)


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