Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mordheim: Another starting point

Recently Hasslefree miniatures came up with a set of Oberon and Titania. As I'm a great fan of Shakespeare's works, especially the Midsummer Night's Dream, I HAD TO buy them. Besides, these two are very fine models - although some people just cannot cotton up with Oberon's rather unshadowed appearance. ;)

As such, this model is a good exercise in painting flesh. I've gone for a darker, golden tone - after all he's king of the Elves, so I wanted a majestic look for him. Also I've added a martial sceptre, entwined with thorny tendrils underlining the "Master of the Woods" theme (introduced by his antler).

After all, Oberon shall be followed by a bunch of Foundry's Elven Maids. In gaming terms they will be played as an Amazon warband for Mordheim. Although, female flesh will be an even bigger challenge...

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