Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mordheim Warband: Clan Pestilence

A bit busy these days, so here's a general update of my latest progress.
First, a Skaven warband for Mordheim. It's one of my favorite skirmish rulesets, and I love its Hieronymus Bosch-inspired background. Seemingly a lot of thought went into this, no match to the latest evolution of childish Games Workshop products.

I've tried to hold on to the apocalyptic setting of Mordheim in choosing the fanatic Clan Pestilence. The Late Middle Ages saw great plagues devastating Europe and the rise of religious fanatism like the flagellant movement - and that was my starting point for this warband's background.

There's a new plan for world domination around: Something to do with spreading the word of the Horned One to mankind and controlling the Old World by hordes of rats and plagues, on command of a dark Skaven lord (to be revealed later).

Plague Priest Peskit is in charge of a small warband, preparing this ultimate doom. At the moment they are still browsing the jungles of Lustria in search of some new plagues and other useful tools (we're playing this as a campaign).
Here you can see him accompanied by Nurglitt XXXII (the Nurglitt family has sacrificed several sons for the cause) and Skritlik the Censer bearer.

Next shot, these are Holger & Bolger, enlisted as Monk Initates, but only extremely fanatic cultists they are. Both survived mainly unharmed, by enemies as by their plague infested comrades...

Eventually, the henchmen. They are headed by Iskit, a hero from their own ranks (it's the somewhat "skinny" chap in the middle). Their frocks imitate the look of mendicants, so they may infiltrate human cities incognito. In lack of adequate models I've created the giant rats from a plague monks' sprue. Works quite well.

All the bases need a final retouch, I know. After experiments with cobblestone bases, I've finally decided for a more generic approach, but it's still on testing phase.

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