Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mordheim: Elven Maid

This time a real favorite of mine - it's one of Foundry's Elven Maids. The casting quality drove me mad (flaw across her face!), but apart from that these are very fine sculpts. Some details defy Mother Nature or gravity rules - some even good taste -, but I love those girls. Nice pin ups, and all a wargamer needs to fulfill the common stereotypes. ;)

She's the first to join Oberon's retinue, and there are more to follow. I'm still experimenting with painting (female) flesh, thus there are some things I'd like to change or try. However, I'm a fan of Kevin Dallimore's style as it defines a miniature's details very nicely - I'll stick with that.

Finally, please excuse the photo quality, was a bit in a haste. But I think the back view turned out well enough - and a lovely back it is, indeed (at least before painting)...

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