Saturday, December 27, 2008

Light Bobs

Over the (all to quickly) past holidays I've painted up some British Light Infantrymen, just days before discovered on excavation at Lead Mountain. These come from Wargames Foundry's part of the Perry range, and I chose them because of their skirmish poses.

Mostly the Light Bobs fought in close order as their comrades of the Line, but occasionally they were deployed in skirmish formation harassing the enemy with aimed shot. Then they were paired off in teams, one man loading or advancing while the other one fired. Since I'm a fan of dioramas, I've tried to recreate that.

Unfortunately, as I chose to paint these models quite spontaneously I was a bit short of scenic bits that are most useful on big bases with few models. Maybe the command base will be decorated at least a little tree trunk or a broken fence. Besides, officers are still to be purchased - I'm looking at Perry's standing command in roundabouts. As I'm going to use only two figures, I'll already have a starting point for my next regiment, the 55th.

Some of the models are obviously wearing wigs, but that seemed odd compared with their campaign dress. Hence I decided to give their curls the look of natural hair instead - no real improvement, but I didn't want to scrape around on these otherwise fine models.

Recently, I became to know (thanks to Brendan Morrissey) that green plumes weren't common along Light Infantrymen until the Napoleonic Wars, at least no more than any other colour, i.e. black, white or red. However, I wanted to distinguish the Lights a bit from other troops to come, that will be wearing white feathers. Red was left out, because the Light Bobs dyed their plumes red only after the skirmish at Paoli, some days after Brandywine (which is the focus of my project).

Hope you like 'em. :)


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Well I do! Fine work indeed... well done..

Giles said...

Absolutely beautiful! Very nicely posed too. Re the "wigs" - I know what you mean on these figures, but people did curl their natural hair at this time and I don't think Alan meant the curls to be wigs; so the natural look is the way to go in any event. That said, I gave wigs to some of my early war officers and generals - powdered hair looks right on the high command somehow, and Cornwallis wears a wig in "The Patriot" so it must be right....!

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks for the kind words, chaps!

@Giles, I'm relieved! I haven't come across curled hair as headdress for ordinary soldiers, but you're most likely better informed. Phew!
Anyway, wigs for generals are a must! You mentioned "The Patriot", my personal source of inspiration - those wig-wearing prats engaged deep sympathies for the British cause. ;-)

Yggdrasil said...

Nice work on those uniforms.
I like the dark red.



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