Saturday, January 03, 2009

Introducing the Lead Altimeter

A Happy New Year to all visitors!

Just to advise you of a new feature of this blog: Inspired by the so called "Honorable Lead Horder Vow", recently taken by Thorbjørn Nielsen on the Lead Adventure Forum, I decided to introduce a painting counter, too. It's not to force myself to the painting desk (that just doesn't work), but merely to keep track of my efforts.

Since it's all about a kind of mountaineering, an altimeter fits the bill. Every painted miniature gets me +1 over 'sea level', any miniature newly acquired (by buying, trade or as a present) draws me back by -1, regardless of its type or size. In the extreme, a 28mm scale tank would have the same value as a 15 mm scale chicken (not that I own anything like that). I start from scratch, not taking the already hoarded miniatures into account. Well, mountaineers don't start exactly from sea level each time, do they?

However, progresses won't show up immediately on the blog all the time, as some will be spared for the next bigger update (unless I get too excited about myself, of course).

On this note: "Im Frühtau zu Berge..."


Secundus said...

It has to be a unit of striped trousered Hessians I think. The Perry figures themselves in their skirmishing positions demand it. With your eye for detail and shading I think you're the man for the job. Think of the challenge of all those stripes.....a painters dream!

Secundus said...

BTW I love those Silver Birch trees you have in your set ups, very nice and they look quite easy to make, I may give them a go if I find some time, thanks Secundus.

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks for your trust! Although I don't know if I'm really up to it, stripes are rather a nightmare... ;)

Anyway, I've already purchased the Hessians, but they are still in their boxes as a bunch of mounted men needed my attention. Those horses drive me crazy, and are to be fully blamed for the current lack of updates here. As said before, I'm working on a little diorama as an opener for our campaign which is almost ready for take off.

Secundus said...

Sounds good, I have just started four Royalist Horse for my English Civil War army, so I know what you mean about those horses. Those ECW armies have lots of horse aswell I can tell you.......lots!

Muskie said...

I like this idea, I've seen similar elsewhere online. I think I will adopt it for 2010. I have a pile of minis mostly plastic I'd say but plenty of metal and even resin.

Nice blog BTW.

Should be studying.


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