Saturday, February 07, 2009

TYW: Starting the campaign season

In the last days of 2008 my regular wargaming partner and I decided to stage a little campaign in 2009. Mainly it is meant to finally combine our efforts at the painting desk. Until now everyone of us worked on projects he wanted to stage on his own - some took ages to be finished, most didn't even make it to the final.
Therefore we considered what theme/period/conflict would catch our interest and make for a good combined project (i.e. one part of it wouldn't depend on the other one: like a British army of the AWI almost necessarily needs an American foe).

Eventually we agreed upon the German Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) as our leitmotif. Both sides, Protestants and Catholics, were almost interchangable concering dress and tactics (particularly in the second half of the conflict). And with the release of plastic miniatures for this period announced by Warlord Games, bigger forces will become quite affordable.

As a warm-up I dug up a few miniatures purchased a while back from The Assault Group and sat them on my painting list. Admittedly, I'm not convinced by the sculpting quality; but they are not as big as Renegade and Bicorne, and that's a plus for me. Probably I can mix them into some regiments consisting of Perry miniatures (my favorite ones so far); if not, nothing is lost.

Anyway, here's "the start" of the army of Johan t'Serclaes, Count of Tilly, general of the Catholic League - two determined looking cuirassiers:

Once more, my apologies for the quality of the photographs.

Actually I wanted to start with a nice vignette, but there are still some pieces to be done, before it can be completed. Darn... Now there are some other painted miniatures, but these two guys were simply the first to get their base finished. Furthermore, did I mention my heavy distaste for horses - at least en miniature?

As we don't play regularly - and as we have way too much other stuff that shouldn't gather dust - we go for a campaign that doesn't require us to actually meet for every turn or battle. (Thanks to Iron Mitten for inspiration!) So the campaign will get its own site/blog, where we can coordinate our actions and present our progresses. In due time I'll tell you more. ;)


Faust said...

Welcome to the great period of TYW. I really like your work. I invite you to check out my blog at

Hopefully we can get our hands on the new Warlord plastics soon!

Keep up the great work,


Sire Godefroy said...

Hey Faust,
Many thanks for the kind comment! I've posted on your blog as well.

Been thinking a long time about starting a TYW project. Already had some Bicorne/Renegade stuff, but eventually sold it again. Now it seems with the rise of plastics, I have no more excuses...


Faust said...

BTW mate, your Oberon kicks ass!

I'm glad you didn't down play his main fleshy bit. That's courage!

You've inpired me to paint one up to lead my Sylvan Guard strike force that includes Elves & Beastmen/Satyrs.

More on that in future months.


Tankred said...

TYW is an excellent theme for us german wargamers. It is a very good choice. But to be honest I don´t have a glimpse how the battle feeling of an Gewalthaufen can be either displayed on a table or be interesting as a game. For sure you will start with some kind of skirmish, will you?

Sire Godefroy said...

@Faust, thanks again. Glad you like Oberon. I have to admit its one of my favorite models. Although people seem to be a bit reluctant to comment on him. Really don't know why... ;)

Anyway, looking forward to see your own version. I'm still struggling with painting Titania to match her husband. Another great miniature, as most of Hasslefree's stuff.

@Tankred: We will stage some skirmish games for minor actions, but the main bits'n battles will be fought with the "English Civil War" rules from Warhammer Historical. We'll add some army lists for the TYW published in Wargames Illustrated lately. And, I assure you, tercios and caracoling horsemen make for a fun game. ;) Some more details if they are ready.

Secundus said...

They look really good. I love the black armoured look with a few worn highlights here and there. My little band of troopers is coming on strong also, although I'm still waiting for my Renegade armies to arrive so I can give it a decent leader and standard bearer. I bet with their crazy prices at the moment, I will be waiting for a while.
I have started to pick around in Redoubts range, they have some nice packs of ECW stuff, worth a look for your own Campaign.

BTW I'm glad I helped with your Campaign idea.


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