Sunday, March 08, 2009

C'mon ye buggers!

With the Perrys on the verge of releasing their Napoleonic Brits range they are adding a sprue of riflemen as giveaway on every order until the end of March. As a great fan of the Sharpe series (both books and TV) I had an easy excuse to take this chance.

No sooner the models arrived than they were set on top of my painting list. These figures are blatantly brilliant, easy to assemble, almost no flash, loads of detail and character. I painted them as members of the 95th Rifles (of course!), although this unit's uniforms are a bit dull. Therefore I "enligthened" the dark green coats a bit, using GW Dark Angels Green as base, GW Snot Green as highlight and a final wash with GW Badab Black for shading. Whoever is bothered by this might take it as "faded dye".

The riflemen will make their appearance in one of our next Napoleonic skirmish games. Inspired by Cornwell's Sharpe and O'Brian's Aubrey & Maturin novels I've laid out some scenarios which can be played as a little narrative campaign. Besides, the first two installments can be viewed here and here.

Mostly we're using the excellent Gloire rules, but I'll give the Triumph & Tragedy set a try for the final showdown. The latter allows you to field bigger units without sacrificing the skirmishing and role playing aspects.


Secundus said...

First on the painting table....and last to leave!

A brave move there with the highlighting, it will make them stand out better and give them loads of character. Lovely work as always.

Sire Godefroy said...

So they said. :D
Surprisingly, in fact they left only two days after their arrival (time for removing flash & priming included).

The choice of colours is not so tough if you look at them under normal light. Some day I will find out how to take pictures properly...

Thanks for your kind word, anyway!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

You did a very nice job with these guys.Well,you do a great job with all the rest too.:-)
I'm a fan of the Sharp books and I also own all the DVD's.I pretty much like everything Mr. Cornwell writes.
What system do you use for this?
I heard "Two fat Lardies" do a nice skirmish system for this period.Here is the web page if your curious:

The rule set is "Sharp Practice".

Sire Godefroy said...

Hi Christopher,
thanks for your comments - read and appreciated all of them. ;-)
We were using Rattrap's "Gloire" so far, and presumably there's "Triumph & Tragedy" for bigger actions.
I bought "Sharp Practice" as it was released; however, it seems there's a gamemaster needed to play fluently. Also, I wasn't convinced by the rules themselves (unlike so many others, it seems). In the end I decided to resell the rules.



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