Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Who stands against force and intellect?"

Remember enraged Menelaus claiming back his stolen wife? Agamemnon's call to arms in revenge of his brother's shame is answered rather reluctantly by the allied kings. In other words: I've let down that sidekick project for a while, painting sluggishly on the already undercoated miniatures. Fortunately, a friend presented me with a recording of the Iliad as a radio play mentioned before, and I was hooked once more. Therefore, here are at least two more heroes joining the Achaean army.

It's the fierce Aias Telamonides or "Greater Ajax"...

... and artful Odysseus, king of Ithaka.

I don't want to bore you with the details of their story. In case you haven't heard about them or their deeds yet: go and borrow/buy/steal yourself a copy of the Iliad and the Odyssey - IMMEDIATELY!

I painted the miniatures once again after illustrations from Connolly's "The Ancient Greece of Odysseus". This time the metalwork was done by a simple mixture of Foundry's Burning Gold 44 palette (save the highlight colour) and Vallejo's Sepia wash. It's less shiny than Menelaus' armour, but has a nice bronzed finish.
Furthermore, by listening to the Iliad I noticed that all the shields are said to be made entirely of rawhide. Maybe that's another fault in Homer's narrative (I would suggest wooden or wickerwork shields), but with Odysseus presenting the piece's interior I went for an 'agglutinated' look.

However, this project will go on, although I don't really know what's next. Maybe I can convince myself to finish the half done chariot lying around for ages...


Secundus said...

Very nice, I love the attention you've paid to the shields.

Yggdrasil said...

Nice work on these minis and especial i like the way of painting bronze.
Think I have to buy foundry colors...


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very,very nicely painted Trojan collection which is the norm for you.I'm starting my Trojans here pretty soon and your figures help to inspire.


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