Saturday, May 23, 2009

To Sail for Ol'England

Minor update this time, but once again something "on public request" (regards to Regulator of Sweetwater fame): Two Napoleonic miniatures representing seasoldiers of the British Royal Navy:

Admittedly, I'm not a fan of Rob Baker's 'expressionistic' style. His models with their prolonged extremities, big hands and bulky faces tend to look more like apes than human beings. On the other hand the raised detail makes painting a lot easier. However, in my judgement, there are some mistakes or inaccuracies, mainly in combining uniform details from different periods.
[edit: As laid down in the comments, it was pointed out to me that these miniatures were, in fact, sculpted by Nick Collier (recently working for Renegade & TAG). It doesn't change my judgement, but Mr Baker is exonerated - in this case!]

Anyway, I'm not an expert at all, and these miniatures will just do fine for our skirmish games. (At least they are the only reasonably decent marines I can think of.) As mentioned before, we're in the process of playing a little campaign inspired by Sharpe & Aubrey novels. Have a look at the links in my previous posting to get an idea what's going on.

Models by Wargames Foundry, painted in April 2009 (building by Grand Manner)


Giles said...

Very nice. I do like the realistic way you do trousers/breeches - none of those funny horizontal lines that certain "pros" insist on doing.... I was tempted at one point to buy these packs as the sailors will do for pretty much anything from 1730 to 1830; but the marines as here though are very much Nap figures. Incidentally, I think they were sculpted by Nick Collier. He had a huge range for Foundry planned, but that tanked when he left Foundry (along with everyone else). These were some of his last releases for Foundry, along with the Macedonians.


Sire Godefroy said...

Oh dear, tricked myself! Always thought the whole Royal Navy range were Baker sculpts. But as you said, they look a lot like Mr Collier's recent pieces of work. How embarrassing - the more since I appreciate what he's done for Renegade or TAG...

Thanks for your advice - and the kind words as well!


Regulator said...

*flushed* Thank you!

But you did a very nice job on those scurvy dogs - this red is totaly stunning. Very smooth and regular painted. Again, also a very nice job on those faces - just full of character!

Which rules will you use?

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks, Regulator. :-)
The red is built on Scab Red (GW), followed by the British Red Coat palette (Foundry).

We're still using Rattrap's Gloire rules (see the reports on Sweetwater/Lead Adventure), but with our collections growing we might venture into Triumph & Tragedy as well.


Regulator said...

Thank you for the colourcombination! - I will try it when I'll paint some old Foundry scotts.

You can use T & T for Nap games?

Looking forward to see even more of your brushwork!

Sire Godefroy said...

No special treatment of the Napoleonic era in the T&T rules so far. But you can easily adapt them because it's all there already: weapons, troop classifications, heroes... We'll see.

Looking forward to your Scots!



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