Saturday, June 27, 2009

Todo va revuelto

In order to continue our skirmish campaign inspired by the works of Patrick O'Brian & Bernard Cornwell, I had to paint some Spanish guerrilleros. Fortunately, the Perrys provided me with appropriate miniatures, taken from their Carlist range.

Guerrilla (literally 'small war') tactics weren't an invention of the Peninsular Wars. However, as the main form of resistance against the French occupation of Spain the guerrilla made its lasting impact on warfare. By blurring the boundaries of civilians and combattants it also led to a high degree of cruelties on both sides - depicted in Goya's disturbing drawings Los desastres de la guerra (The Disasters of War).

Although, in fact, there were more than a few bandits and other dark figures around, the guerrilleros are mostly depicted as proud Spaniards fighting for the just cause of national self-determination. Be that as it may, I chose the somewhat heroicized image (also seen in the Sharpe novels) for my guerrilla gang.
I tried to give them an appearance of civilians hastily equipped from different sources. For example, muskets with white straps and black pouches with white belts could have been borrowed from military funds, both French and British ones; other men are even wearing clothes propably made from uniforms or obscure foreign supplies...

As a common distinction I painted their sashes spotless white, as a reference to the Bourbon king of Spain, the deposed Ferdinand VII. I have absolutely no clue, if such colours/things were ever worn by Spanish guerrilleros - but I found it quite appropriate looking. Please feel free to advise me in this matter.

At last, I apologise for the shiny miniatures; I ran out of my accustomed matt varnish, and had to improvise a bit. Under normal circumstances one wouldn't even notice a difference, but the daylight lamp I'm using is quite relentless.

I will add a link here as soon as our report of these miniatures' first game is put online.

Models by Perry Miniatures, painted in May/June 2009 (terrain by Grand Manner or scratch-built by me).


jmezz382 said...

Looks great ..... the overcoat looks fine I am sure.

Stephan Huber aka Regulator said...

Outstanding! Love those small-checked trousers! Not my period, but the perry twins did a good job on sculpting these little beauties.

Hope to see more - or more Landsknechts ; )

Giles said...

Fantastic figures and wonderful treatment of the civilian clothes. I will remember these when I come to do some Carlists in civvies.

Best wishes


Fly said...

Great painted very inspiring!

Giles said...

What's the model building in the back on the photos?


Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks for all your kind comments - it's very motivating as always! :-)

Giles, the building is the "Village church" from Grand Manner's Spanish Napoleonic range (Link: ). One of my all-time favorite scenery pieces. Still have to do the interior properly...

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It's all looking very nice.


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