Sunday, October 11, 2009

55th Regiment of Foot

Okay, understood, you came here for looking at miniatures - no wishy-washy chat, no bad excuses any more! Just miniatures. And here we are, back on track. After much ado and fiddling with bases and stuff I've finished another regiment for the AWI. No skirmishers, no foreigners, no generals, but some ordinary footsloggers of the 55th:

Once more, they are wearing the informal Southern dress as I want this campaign look for all my (British) AWI-forces. Here the soldiers are portrayed without their coats (in contrast to my version of the 28th Foot), which gives them a Light Infantry appearance.

That's also why I could use the "hatmen" as lined up Light Infantry by simply exchanging the command base. Well, some experts might take offence at the white belts and the regimental lace (which I painted although the sculpting wasn't clear in this point).

The 55th was assembled for service at the Scottish border (hence their nickname 'Cattle Reavers') in 1755. Since 1775 it was commanded by Gen. James Grant and saw some action during the American war, in particular taking part in the "Paoli Massacre" (September 20th 1777).

Therefore I gave them red plumes, a distinction worn by the men of the 46th, also involved in this famous skirmish. But that's a purely conjectural analogy.
However, if you want to know more: There's an detailed historical overview on the recreated regiment's website.

The miniatures were a great fun to paint. I simply love the mixed bag of uniform pieces and casual dress - you might have espied already the drummer in striped trousers. Poor guy, his comrade attending Gen. Grant obviously got the better part.
Regarding the figures themselves: Again, awesome detail and expressive modelling without becoming a caricature. The firing models are a bit fiddly, but be assured: you actually cannot cripple those Perry sculpts even by hasty paintjobs. Hopefully the detail shots give you an idea.

I plan to add at least one base to the regiments finished so far to bring them 'to required strength' for playing games with the Rank & File rules. This is by now my favorite system as it doesn't require too many miniatures per unit and extra-big tables (like recommended for all new Black Powder). Unfortunately, for both I don't have time and space.

Anyway, with the 55th I've achieved my aim of painting another regiment of the line. No later than at the end of this year I'll stage a little parade of what has been assembled for the AWI so far. Obviously, in the end this conflict/period got me hooked.

Painted in September/October 2009. Models by Perry Miniatures, additional stuff by GMB (flags) and Front Rank (tassels).


Giles said...

Fantastic! A lovely unit.

With the cuffs, I think that often the Perries sculpt lines on coats to show where the different parts of the cloth would have been stitched together - you often see this on backs and even vertically along the sleeves. I don't know whether this helps them in the sculpting process or whether it's a conscious decision to show this level of detail. But it does give you the option of adding cuffs in you want to.

Best wishes


jmezz382 said...

Great job ...

Where do you get the rank and file rules ?

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks guys for your comments! :-)

Giles, thank you for the heads up. I've seen coloured cuffs on roundabouts, so I painted them here. Hopefully, no one will be too picky, if I field the 55th as Light Infantry...

jmezz382, the R&F rules are available for example directly from Mark at
But meanwhile you should be able to find it in other shops as well.


Secundus said...

Do you use the Foundry three shade system to paint your lovely Red coats. I have the paints (haven't used them yet) but the base coat red seems very watery.

Sire Godefroy said...

Secundus, yes, I use the British Red Coat set from Foundry. But as the base and highlight are very similar, another shade is added with GW's Scab Red. Hope that helps.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look very nice and one day I'd like to see them on the battlefield.


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