Sunday, October 18, 2009

A View to a Kill

A minor update today, but nevertheless an important one methinks. Once someone commented on a forum that "dead bodies enliven every gaming board". Sounds a bit grim, and I'm absolutely no fan of gory effects or 'realistic' representation of actual battle events, but for all that there's a deeper meaning. We all love to push our painfully painted miniatures around on well-crafted, realistic looking terrain (okay, most of us do). Only if it gets down to keeping track of morale status or casualties, we simply put lots of coloured chits or dice onto the table - and the whole effort is spoilt somehow.
Therefore (and for being a sucker for diorama bits, of course) I decided to use sculpted markers as soon as possible. So, here's the first pair:

Fortunately, the Perrys have taken care and have added casualty packs to all of their ranges. That spared some thinking and humming - put them on a base, and you're done. At least, after you've decided which format to use.

I've gone for an octogon, because it's most versatile. Admittedly, the idea was stolen from Martin at Befreiungskriege (a big thank you to SW-fellow Phobos for the advice!). I've altered it only a bit by not using pre-cut bases, adding 18th century font numbers (no visible change, I'm afraid) and by scaling down the bases so that they fit better with my 40x40mm bases.
Here are two examples how the markers can be used:

1) Counting casualties before removing a base.

2) Displaying the number of lost bases/miniatures.

You may have noticed that I painted the uniforms according to the regiments (of the line) in my collection. I'm planning to add at least one marker for every new unit as they come along. Furthermore there are some more ideas for other markers (morale status being the foremost) shaping - however, more input from my dear readers is most welcome!

Painted in September/October 2009. Models by Perry Miniatures.


Doc Phobos said...

I am extremely glad to have been involved in "marrying" this brilliant idea (people should also check out the Befreiungskriege markers. They are also excellent) with your painting skills and passion! Great work!

jmezz382 said...

Awesome idea .... adds just enough to get the effect but not overload.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see other people find merit in my idea for casualty bases. You've made a really nice job of these and I look forward to seeing how you extend the idea for other sorts of markers.

Best wishes,

Sire Godefroy said...

Thank your for the positive comments, chaps! Glad you like the idea as well as its execution - especially since the actual inventor has appreciated my trial. :-)


loosefile said...

A great idea for using casualty figures. I will definitely use this last a sensible use for them.


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