Friday, November 13, 2009

Public Enemies and Friends

Long time since the following miniatures were painted. Basing was an issue, and I decided to show them (as all figures seen on this blog) only after the final touches were done, just to keep myself motivated.
Obviously, these miniatures are meant to appear in a 'Pulp' setting, i.e. against the background of the "Roaring Twenties". Originally meant to tell stories of all kinds of gangsters, private eyes, cops, villains and heroes, there are also close links to adventure games (think of Indiana Jones) or Cthulhu-setting. I've planned to connect some of these aspects in a single series of games to be played in the forseeable future.

I started with some stereotypes, which make for an easy introduction into setting and story. First there's this infamous pair: Hardy "Twisted Heart" Olivier and his twin brother "Strange" Lorel.

Born from an old French dynasty exiled back in revolutionary days to the West Indies they became employed by one of the countless East Coast gangster bosses. Although at times rather... eccentric - maybe a hereditary problem - the Oliviers are said to be rising stars in the Unites States' ever changing underworld.
Any similarity to contemporary comedy duos is purely coincidental.

Adding flavour, I painted some city slickers, too. These men could be harmless passersby, helpful bystanders or even bad-tempered collaborators. Who knows?

The man with the white hat is a resemblance of the original Caribbean setting of my campaign. The 'Tintin lookalike' started his career on my painting desk as a wannabe Clark Gable watching from the stairs of his estate. Both were eventually pressed into service as streetcrowd. Perhaps one day I will rebase them.

Not yet decided which side to join, this young lady is dressed to fit into any surrounding, be it city streets or desert sites. In our last (fun) game she was introduced as Bolly Duster (not the best wordplay ever, admittedly), mistress of the Oliviers' boss. Maybe truth, might be disguise...

Note: I'm aware that beverage cans were introduced not before the 1930's; but maybe this girl is on the trail of something here...?

Where evil lurks there has to be a contender for peace and justice as well. Therefore I added these two policemen to my collection. They immediately appealed to me because of their seemingly differents tempers: There's this friendly veteran officer, cooled down by experience of countless razzias against organised crime; on the other side: his younger partner, a bit too enthusiastic for the older man's taste. A perfect pair?

My guide were contemporary NYPD uniforms. I used a dark blue undercoat and added highlights with blue grey (from Foundry's Napoleonic British range). It's not the exact tone, a bit too blue, but on the other hand I didn't want it to look rather dull on the table.

Finally, every gangster / adventurer soon or later needs wheels. These two beauties were purchased at Ebay and are from a model range by Matchbox called "Yesteryears". They are perfectly in scale when paired with average 28mm models, and they actually don't need a repaint. I tried it just to get away from their 'shiny toy' appearance, but I really don't know if it was worth the effort.

Anyway, now I'm humming about appropriate terrain. As said before, the original plan was to stage a pure adventure campaign. After seeing other people's ventures into this genre, and by basing the miniatures on 'urban' stands, I'm quite keen on building urban canyons and backyards as well. Storage problems hurray!

Miniatures by Copplestone Castings and Matchbox, painted spring to autumn 2009.


Tellus said...

Gorgeous, great colors, the basing is superb. I love the newspapers, what a cool idea!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice work and a nice exploration into color.


JET (aka Jason) said...

Saw them over on LAF. Wonderful stuff.

Giles said...

Beautiful - great painting and very creative basing!

Best wishes


Andrew said...

The painting really is brilliant. Excellent bases—I think the city needs to hire a street-sweeper.


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