Saturday, December 19, 2009

Into Winter Quarters

Now that 2009 draws to an end, work seems to be accumulating and time's flying. After all I've managed to finish off painting some miniatures and taking pictures. As promised before I returned to my AWI collection in order to bolster the already existing units.
With Washington leading his battered troops into winter quarters
today just 232 years ago, I thought it suitable to send the British onto parade ground for celebrating a successful year.

Admittedly, this view fills me with pride. By my standards the AWI collection has seen decisive progress since last year. You might remember the humble beginnings almost 12 months ago - since then it has grown to a nice little army with two regiments of the line, two light infantry units, one 'battalion gun' and two brigadiers.
The latest addition are the following stands:

A captain of the Lights, accompanied by an Indian scout and a trumpeter. The officer began his career as a sergeant from another command blister; I pepped him up with a gorget and a dandified white floppy hat. My only reference for this fashion is an illustration by Gerry Embleton. Looks cool, anyway.

Another stand for the Hessen-Kassel'sche J├Ąger.

A stand of firing soldiers of the 55th regiment. Nothing spectacular, too.

Soldiers of the 28th in marching order with a sergeant on the left exhorting his comrades to close ranks and keep in line.
With these additions I'm finally able to play a proper game using Crusader's Rank & File rules. Okay, my army still needs some reinforcements. But don't quail, they are already on their way:

However, now I'm off to my personal winter quarters with a lot of reading material. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some insights into my plans for 2010. In any case, my valued visitors, I wish you a blessed Christmastide and may you all be well!

Painted in November/December 2009. Models by Perry Miniatures and Conquest Miniatures (Indian scout aka "Chingachgook").


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking army and I really like the Indian scout.Merry Christmas.


Giles said...

Yes, great stuff. Looking forward to seeing more in 2010...what's in the Perry boxes?

PS today the postman delivered a large box addressed to my wife but with a "Perry Minatures" stamp on the outside - is there any better feeling?!!!

Secundus said...

Excellent painting as always, you are building a beautiful looking force there, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sire Godefroy said...

Many thanks, dear fellows! :-)
Giles, you're a enviable guy to be afflicted with such an understanding lady. No chance round here: no lady, no appreciation for my hobby from relatives and friends - I'm all on my own. Oh dear, sometimes Christmas is a hard time...


airhead said...

Great stuff as usual, looking forward to seeing your plans for 2010, and following your progress.

All the best to you and yours.



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