Friday, January 01, 2010

Not quite a Resolution

I don't normally take pledges for a New Year as such things tend to blow over quite rapidly. However, I find it interesting what other people's plans & projects are, so here's my personal (hobby-related) list for 2010 - although it is more to be read as 'wish' than 'to do':

C. 1400s for Impetus (new)

During my (probably everlasting) search for the holy grail of all rulesets some time ago I discovered Impetus – thanks to JET at Geektactica. I'm still unable to give a gameplay review as my main reason to take a closer look was the 'aesthetic approach' of these rules. Impetus provides you with an opportunity to stage your miniatures on big (and I mean BIG) bases almost as little moving dioramas. You aren’t bound to a certain number of figures per stand, and that said there’s opportunity to save on models as well. For people like me, short of money, time and speed painting skills, this sounds rather ideal, and I decided to give it a try.
Fortunately, I convinced a fellow wargamer to start a concerted project using the Impetus rules. We settled on the late Middle Ages, i.e. the early 15th century, as a focus for our armies. It will be a welcome exuse to finally lay my hands on another excellent Perry range covering the later Hundred Years’ War. Though I’m still pondering over which army to choose: The Armagnac French seem to be an obvious choice because of their wide range of opponents in this period – not to mention my secrete sympathy for their cause. However, there are many other fascinating possibilities, for example my interest in the Habsburg Wars against the Confederate Swiss. That said, I’ve brought some reading materials with me into winter quarters, and a first bunch of miniatures will be ordered any time soon.

American Revolution (continued)

Some might have noticed (and even deciphered labels on) the Perry boxes pictured in my last blog entry. These will go right into British service since they contain Light Dragoons and Hessian Regulars. By now I've no clue which will be first, although there's a slight tendency to bolster von Stirn's allied command. Suggestions are welcome.
On the long run, as indicated by the title changed, I'm also turning towards the Patriots' cause. No one round here seems to bother with Americans (or this particular conflict at all), so it's up to me to care for them. There are already loads of Continentals and militiamen slumbering in my drawers; and with the Perrys on the verge to release French auxiliaries (something I've asked them for years ago), all excuses have vanished.

Greek Mythology meets Warhammer Fantasy (new)

I’m a bit behind with uploading pics of my Fantasy collection, so this is rather a continued than a new project. Having tested the Song of Blades and Heroes engine lately, the rules seem to be well adapted to solo play – an option that has become very valuable since there’s a serious lack of gaming partners in my new home area. However, I’m unwilling to dip my toe once again in this cesspool of vice named Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I don’t even know what edition is the current one, and I’m absolutely not bothered by tournament play, balanced army lists and official rules or miniatures. Nevertheless the setting and some of GW’s model ranges (old and new) are still in my favour, and I’m cherry-picking those things for my very own storyline. Currently planned are warbands that have a certain 'Greek’ theme, e.g. Nymphs/Elves and Beastmen, probably joined by some generic forces as Orcs and Knights/Human Warriors. Those will be also usable for Mordheim games – or, on the long run, even for a casual Warhammer battle (using an older incarnation of the rules, of course).

Rogue Trader (new)

The same as above applies to this project. I’m bored by Warhammer 40.000 as it is, and I’ve sold all of my (quite large) armies for this game years ago. Recently I came across the new Rogue Trader roleplaying game. I got fascinated by the idea of flamboyant starship crews browsing the battleworn galaxy of the 41st millenium, far beyond inquisitorial (that is GW’s) control: so many possibilities to enliven a colourful background... Rules of choice could be a home-brewed mix of Necromunda, old 40k and various other sources.

There are many other things waiting on the desk, and certainly some will cross my paths completely unexpected. For example, I have no use for longbows and billmen, but as soon as the Perrys will announce more 'Continental’ additions to their new plastic range, a long-standing wish of an army for the Swiss-Burgundian Wars could become true.
Whatsoever, these mentioned are currently on my screen and I’ll try hard to stay on target with them. Fingers crossed, please! :-)

And now, not to forget, a Happy New Year to all visitors!


Consul said...

Looking forward to the British and Hessians!

All the best in the New Year.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Same goes for me,I'm looking forward to seeing more of your AWI material!:-)

Happy New Year


if you need some help for 1400 army and Impetus please visit my blog or contact me !!!

Giles said...

I'm very interested in your thoughts on Impetus, as I'm having difficulty finding rules for my First Crusade project. I like the idea of larger bases and lots of figures. Anyway, looking forward to more AWI or indeed anything else you care to blog about.

Best wishes



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