Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Gor Effect

Time for a first redeemed pledge. Okay, it was more about actual gaming, but at least some new miniatures are there to finally start up. So, may I introduce Gortyr and his fellowship:

Gortyr's story will be told another day, intended as battle reports. His headquarters is an ancient temple, where he also found armour and weapons to equip his retinue. Of course, Gortyr (right) reserved the best pieces for himself and his personal bodyguard. As mentioned earlier, I'm aiming for a particular 'Greek' look for these figures to resemble figures of ancient mythology (like sartyrs, centaurs etc.). Main source of inspiration was Titan Quest, one of my all-time favorite video games regarding setting and atmosphere.

Too add to the beastmen's 'mythological' appearance their original shields were substituted by aspides taken from Foundry's hoplites range. On the one hand, I thought it inapt for brute warriors like these to be completely equipped with highly decorated or polished shields; in fact they should look rather ragged. On the other hand, I wanted a reappearing colour to tie in all of Gortyr's warriors. So I chose teal blue as their common colour, which both was actually used in history for painting shields and provides a nice patina effect.

The warrior classes are also differentiated by hair and flesh colours. Elite braves have dark reddish skin and black hair, ordinary men tend to brown and grey colours, whereas the lesser men look almost human with their rosy skin and fair fur. Anyway, I will vary that a bit from time to time, unit by unit.

It was a real pleasure to paint these old GW miniatures. They have so many lovely details and aplenty of character; I very much prefer them over recent (especially the latest) incarnations of the Warhammer Fantasy Beastmen. Any surprise that these outdated chaps were sculpted by the Perry twins back in the days? ;-)

There are already many more in my lead pile. Next excavation shall be aimed at a shaman and his 'bodyguards'.

Painted July 2009 to January 2010. Models by Games Workshop (beastmen) and Grendel (temple ruin).


Andrew said...

I love the teal face and the verdigris on the bronze shields. And I love the concept of re-purposing beastmen as Greek mythological creatures. I always like using a model for something other than its original purpose.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice concept you developed for the background and theme to your army.In addition,they also are very nicely painted.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Lovely work - I too especially like those shields...

Giles said...

Great stuff, Sir G. Very clever to have found a use for the Foundry teal paints! It all gels together superbly.



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