Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kind of an advertisement

Advertisements are not my cup of tea - normally. But this post is just to advise you on a new miniatures range that REALLY caught my interest.
For sure, there are already quite a few figures available for the later 16th century, mainly from ranges covering the so called Border Reivers wars. But if one takes the effort of producing dedicated miniatures of a more 'Continental' background, I'm definitely sold for them.

Therefore I'd like to call your attention to Arsenal Miniatures, an all new enterprise undertaken by an Italian gentleman and fellow enthusiast by the name of Andrea Magnani.
He's put up some examples of a range to be - hopefully - released next month. It focusses on the great conflict between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire around the 1560s. They were sculpted by jack-of-all-trades Paul Hicks, and some of them have been painted by the very talented Tom Weiss. Here's a looted picture as an appetizer:

(Note: These miniatures were NOT painted by me, all rights reserved by their owner!)

Fortunately, these European soldiers could be easily converted into participants of almost all wars that occured in the latter half of the 16th century in Europe. Thus among (28mm-)wargamers wrongfully neglected conflicts like the Netherlanders' struggle for independence, the French Wars of Religion or even the early campaigns of the Thirty Years' War are within reach.
My humble wish is that as many people as possible interested in this range shall support Andrea's effort by purchasing his miniatures. It's really a labour of love for him, but it also offers great possibilities for us wargamers to venture into a widely overseen period.

Okay, now back to regular service. ;-)


jmezz382 said...

I must say ..... beautiful minis

Yggdrasil said...

Nice miniatures, indeed.
And very good paint job too! I realy like the red.
You are a good painter but this time you've exceeded (selbstübertroffen ?!) yourself!
What colours did you use for the skin? Well better to ask: Which Foundry Tone ist it? ^^

Sire Godefroy said...

Yggdrasil, please read the accompanying text: the picture is taken from the producer's blog. It is NOT my paintjob. ;-)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

@Sir Godefroy
LoL!I already beat you to it with a plug!:-)Although without pictures.;-)First time I ever did that as well.
It seems your just as excited as I am about this.I really hope this takes off and doesn't wither on the vine.
I already ordered the first book he recommended "Empires at Sea" and will get the other one when finished.If the line up stays with Hicks,Griffon,and Tom right through the Spanish line and into the Ottomans as well this will be one awesome range!:-)I will be purchasing as soon as available.:-)
No doubt Sir Godefroy is a very talented painter,but our very own Tom Weiss
at Sweetwater painted these fantastic miniatures you see before you just as he pointed out.;-)

Yggdrasil said...

Well thats why they look so familiar.
Well then, sorry for it. I haven't seen the hint about it in Sire Godefroys post.
But they still are very well painted ^^

You may treat this as a compliment ;)


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