Thursday, March 25, 2010

Incoming Impetus

I've done it: My first base of Impetus troops is ready. In the end it took me longer than expected to finish it; that's mainly because I wrestled quite a bit with the miniatures' final positions. Now you can decide if it was worth the trouble. Here are the dismounted knights in all their glory:

Originally I'd planned to do an Azincourt themed diorama - with muddy ground and dirt-covered men all around. But, as you might know, I'm actually not a huge fan of this so called 'battle damage' effects. At least all my experiments to date have failed and consequently spoilt some painfully painted miniatures.

Therefore - and for the army's shifted setting - I will stick to dry ground here: Dust normally becomes visible on polished armour and clothing only after a while (at least from a distance). So I'd call this one solved.

The diorama approach allows for some story-telling. I've kept it low here since this is my first trial to get the hang. Anyway, I wanted this unit to portray some knightly attitudes: So there are the impetuous warriors rushing forward on the right. There are the loyal fellows who prevent the enemies from looting their - perhaps not-yet-dead - fallen comrade. There are the cool-minded professionals of war in the back reviewing the situation from an improvised commander's hill.

Furthermore the wavering formation is a resemblance of the Austrian dismounted knights at Sempach who eventually collapsed under the Swiss onslaught. Hopefully not a bad omen for this unit...
All in all, I'm quite happy how these things turned out.

Some might notice a serious lack of flags. Medieval armies in particular were known for their flaunting colourful standards, and surely this look makes for some attraction of this period among wargamers and painters. Let me assure you: It's no mistake, rather a deliberate decision to spare these things for a set of  markers, which I'll make for every single unit. Adepts of the Impetus rules might already have a guess, others should wait and see.

Now, only another ten to twelve units to go... ouch!

Painted February to March 2010. Models by Perry Miniatures.


Donogh said...

Beautiful stuff!
Great variety on the tabard/jacket front

El Grego said...

Very nice!

One of the best features of Impetus is the flexibility in basing and you have really taken it to the hilt.

Ubique said...

Fantastic painting and detailing on the figures. The 'dry' basing works very well. I like the story behind the group - it's a well thought out piece.


JET (aka Jason) said...

Truly excellent work! Although it's a ways off, I can already see how impressive 300 points of this will be.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Excellent work.I really like the bases that Impetus uses as it looks just great,but it does pin you to that system.


airhead said...

Great looking work, a perry box of plastic WOR is calling to me from the shelf!!

All the best


Sire Godefroy said...

Many thanks for your comments, gents. Very appreciated! :-)

JET, I can't think myself getting an output like you. As said, I'm veeeery slow - and sometimes short of money, too. Currently, I'm trying to decide which unit comes next; a cheap and quickly done one is high on my list...

Christopher, if you don't limit yourself, there's no problem. I would be happily deploying this unit in, say, WAB or Crusader Rules games. The frontage of 12cm is perfectly usable, and if you stick to numbers, you could easily use the according base depth and number of miniatures (e.g. 12 heavy infantrymen based in two rows on a 12x4cm stand).
For the rest, like command figures, casualties, formations etc.: Nothing a bit of classic book-keeping and explaining to your opponent before the game couldn't solve.

airhead, get yourself to this box right now! ;-) Honestly, my original plan was to use the Perry plastics for this project, but I couldn't wait for their release. As soon as the twins come out with decent cavalry, pike- and crossbowmen, I'm sold.

Cheers to all

Hetairoi said...

Nice unit! Hope to see more soon :-)

Galpy said...

They look incrediable amazing detail great work, eye candy and all that stuff

Giles said...

Sire G, these are outstanding - painting, composition, basing: everything is superb! Well done, Sir!!

Best wishes


The Colour Kiwi said...

Awesome work!. Although not a real fan of the single base per unit concept for wargaming i can certainly appreciate just how cool the unit looks together on a theamed base.

Sire Godefroy said...

Thank you all for your kind comments again!
I'm struggling with very limited time for painting these days as well as an order from the Perrys which is still due. That's made for a lack of updates lately, and I'm very sorry.

I'll keep up as soon as possible.


Sigmar said...

Stunning pictures, thanks very much for sharing. I found them quite inspirational.

my mini gallery
my Battle Reports


Very good painting, i love IMPETUS because is possible to create a little diorama for any unit.


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