Sunday, September 12, 2010

Я бегу сразиться с тенью лжи

Hope you aren't too confused by the kyrillic title. I just wanted to create the right atmosphere for introducing one of my latest projects. You've probably already seen it 'growing' if you've followed my update-reports via Twitter. The coming thing - in a quite litteral sense - is the Second Russian Civil War (abbreviated to 2nd RCW).

It's all the fault of my dear gaming buddy Lt. Hazel. He came up with some fabulous looking miniatures for his so called Neo-Kornilov regiment earlier this year, and that sparked my interest immediately. Some emails cleared the ground: The conflict in question is set in a near-future Russia where constant struggles between democrats, religious zealots, oil multinationals and other factions have lead to open civil war.

Normally I'm not a fan of modern warfare. It's a bit too real for my taste, especially if you're 'refighting' conflicts that are still in progress. Nevertheless, I really like near-future themed novels, films and games, where all things have strong links to our present, but slightly advanced and therefore recognisably different. For instance I'm a sucker for movies like Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell. Furthermore, in order to get a bit more abstract, I chose to field a neo-tsarist partisan force.

The Neo-Tsarists base themselves on the hereditary title of a long-forgotten heir to the Romanov family. At present there isn't much known but that they first appeared somewhere in the Azov region. The movement is dreadfully short of money and supply, but it's drawing more and more support from old monarchists as well as idealistic reformers and even some desperadoes. Until now they are limited to partisan warfare and acts of sabotage.

Miniatureswise, I began with digging out a few of Copplestone's polar explorers (no idea when - and why - I bought those) and used them as a tester. I had never before painted modern camo patterns, and I find it really difficult yet. Fortunately, a partisan isn't necessarily equipped to standards of modern warfare. So I let myself digress to rather 'mixed' uniforms, which are more interesting. The second addition came as an order of proper modern partisans from Copplestone's Neo-Soviet range. Sadly, some of them were clearly miscast (cf. the lack of supporting legs to the heavy gun), and that's not the first poor order with Copplestone. Never mind, nice miniatures they are.

Lastly, following Hazel's guide, I sought a vehicle to accompany the infantry. As much as I like the idea of walkers, I can't imagine how such a beast could be employed (not to mention, kept up) by partisans. Moreover guerrilla are rather in need of transport vehicles to quickly move their troopers and equipment from one point to another. Thus I decided upon a "Provider Transport", produced by Old Crow. And what a great model that is! The more if you are used to Forgeworld's overpriced junk, which needs a lot of preparation work - completely unlike Old Crow's stuff: clearly cast, perfect fit, loads of detail and altogether fairly priced. Highly recommended!

You may notice that I've tried my hand at a bit of 'super-detailing', i.e. adding handles and other equipment. (Inspiration was mainly drawn from this blog.) It's also been my first trial on effects like 'battle damage' and 'worn look', so please be gentle. The containers are removable in order to use this carrier as a troop transporter as well - although the soldiers will have a hard time to stay on the truck. I'm still searching for a clever solution. ;-)

And that's it for now. Please excuse the wall of text. It has already been shortened, because there's much more background to these guys. If interested, just drop a comment and I'll gladly answer to it.

PS: These were the last miniatures I spray-varnished. As you can see, some suffered badly. Please don't look too closely.

Painted June to August 2010. Models by Copplestone Castings and Old Crow Models.


Doc Phobos said...

Beautiful work, Sire Godefroy! The suffering they had to endure under the evil spray can is not visible to ruin the great result. You are just closer to them than us... literally. :)

Glad you are participating in the project. I need to get back to my United Orthodox Legion (or something along those lines :D ) soon.

jmezz382 said...

Great stuff ! .... I love em. I think the look of the partisans was captured by your painting.

Giles said...

I too can't see any spray damage. They are completely up to your usually high standards. Quite a range of periods you now have on your blog!

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks a lot for your kind comments! :)

You don't notice the 'snow flakes' resulting from the varnish accident, because they might emphasise the miniature's theme...

Anyhow, I've given up varnishing, until I find something both easy to use and with consistent, matt results.

For now it's back to "safe ground" with some Medieval figures waiting for a coat of paint.


The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely stuff, have recently headed down the Neo Soviet road but have not done partisans yet as I am going to do capitalist war mongers depicted by using Pig Iron Miniatures heavy infantry as US or USE forces.Keep up the good work.


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