Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Sheep

First, a big sorry for the massive lack of major updates recently. Life simply got in the way, as well as some big projects that need to be finished. Okay, they're not necessarily big for most people. However, I'm not a fast painter, and my hobby time has become quite limited lately.

Anyway, since our participation game for next year's Tactica show has been confirmed, I think it's admissible to provide my loyal readers with an appetiser.

First off, sort of a scheme tester:

As you might notice, it's one of Immortal's plastic hoplites. The colours might also give a hint, what we're aiming at. Rest assured, here comes the real deal:

If you don't recognise the models: These are three Argonauts, taken from Foundry's Greek Mythology range. Excellent sculpts, very evocative and quite easy to paint. Their equipment is loosely based on costumes used in the old Harryhausen movie featuring "Jason and the Argonauts". And that's where the inspiration for our gaming project originally came from.

So, here you have it: A few mates and I are staging a small skirmish campaign set in Greek mythology. Players will have to find (and fight, of course!) their way to the Golden Fleece. Many more models still to come. I'll give a few further insights in due course - but if you can, please visit us in Hamburg!

Painted September/October 2010. Models by Immortal Miniatures and Wargames Foundry.


jmezz382 said...

Beautiful work ... very impressive. I can't wait to see the test model with some of his fellow soldiers.

Andrew said...

Great painting, and there is such vivid light in this photo. It's the enviable skylight of yours, isn't it?

Masles Roy said...

I had never seen greek armour painted black, and I like it very much

Lt.Hazel said...

They´re true beauties. The colour scheme fits in perfect. I´m preparing some MDF Boards at the know why.

Sire Godefroy said...

Many thanks for your comments everybody!

jmezz382, actually the first test model already got company by the models pictured below. ;-)

Andrew, these photos were taken at night, so only my usual daylight bulb for lighting. You see, why I'm struggling with photographic results so much.

Masles Roy, the black armour is a reminiscence of the Harryhausen movie and Foundry's version thereof. Not much inspiration on my behalf, I'm afraid.

Lt. Hazel, now you've made my mouth water... :-D

Cheers all

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice work and good luck on your project.Good to see you back on the blogs.


Michel said...

Perfect...! I love the Colour Scheme and much mor eyour Painting Style...!!!!!

Yours, Michel

Der Tsstler said...

wow with your painting the Immortal ones look just awesome
your black is fantastic, how do you paint it ?


Sire Godefroy said...

Cheers, guys - very much appreciate your comments! :-)

Tsstler, I'm just using the Foundry Charcoal Black triad and a bit of GW's Badab Black wash for toning down the contrast. I went here for a bolder approach than I'm used to, because I have to visually compete against a most likely excellent table design. ;-)


Allan and Carmen said...

They look fantastic!

Would you mind sharing which rules you plan to use?

I am looking at moving into Skirmish gaming as well.

Happy Gaming,


Allan and Carmen said...

What other figures do you plan to use as the "bad guys?



Sire Godefroy said...

Hey Allan, thanks for your kind comment. We've divided the tasks for this project among ourselves. Since I've exclusively painted the Argonauts, I really cannot tell you about the game itself. As far as I know we'll be using adapted "Lord of the Rings" rules.

Regarding the "bad guys": We have all the evil creatures from the movies at hand. Watch this place, for I will post photos anytime soon after the convention (don't want to spoil it for visitors).



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