Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Nights

First of all, no pretty piccies this time! :-o

You might have noticed, I'm currently on holiday. Therefore only a hobby-related summary of the closing year. 2010 has been quite busy, fortunately not only at work. I've played more games than expected and managed to push on some projects, both by painting up and clearing out miniatures, old and new. Consequently, although on paper I've acquired a lot of new toys, my lead mountain has eroded considerably.


As you might remember my New Year's Resolution, here's what I achieved in 2010:
  • Late Medieval Impetus: After sound progress a combination of summer heat, supply difficulties and other occupations deprived this project of its (literal) impetus. By now I'm searching for inspiration to continue. But fear not! The battle's not lost yet.
  • American Revolution: Both Light Dragoons and Hessian regulars were done as promised. The (not really) traditional year-end parade had to be postponed, since some Hessian reinforcements didn't arrive in time. No progress on the Patriot's cause, I'm afraid.
  • Greek mythology: I completed a party of beastmen and finished off painting some more elven maids as well (no photos yet). However, in some way the project morphed into our 'Jason and the Argonauts' project for next year's Tactica, although there's actually no more need for goatmen and nymphs. In any case I will eventually own a nice collection of mythological figures. Call it a win-win.
  • Rogue Trader: I purchased a few figures, but lost interest somehow as I became drawn towards more realistic settings than the "grimdark" future of 40k. Therefore my energies went into Near Future Russians and leafing through all kinds of '(ultra-)modern warfare' rules.


Admittedly, I had no high hopes for 2010, so I really couldn't get disappointed. Next year will probably see even more labour and less hobby time, not the least since I have to force working on my dissertation. Apart from that, a few things I'd like to finish/further/begin in 2011:
  • Jason and the Argonauts: Okay, that's a no-brainer, since I must draw things together till February, when we will stage our participation game. Approximately ten figures to go plus any supernumeraries, bits and pieces.
  • American Revolution: Who didn't expect that. I haven't decided on specific units or factions yet, so suggestions are welcome.
  • Small scale armies: Yes, you've heard it here first: Due to a lack of time, space, money and - not the least - of opposing armies I'm going down in scale. Nowadays there are so many high-quality ranges in 20, 15, 10 or even 6mm out there, that I have been finally tempted to give them a try once again. I'm tending to Medieval and SciFi miniatures, but also my interest in the Seven Years' War has been reignited lately. I promise an update as soon as possible.
  • Campaign game: Wars were rarely won or lost by decisive battles but by grand scale strategy. So I tried my hand several times at planning campaign games and got lost each and every time. Recently, boardgaming has become a major source of inspiration. It gives me a bit of focus, while things like a little roleplaying could be easily added to this core later on. Furthermore armies for tabletop battles are rather optional and don't need to be assembled from the onset. I'm going to start with solo-play, either in an AWI / SYW or a High Medieval setting.

And that's it. Not quite a cunning plan, as I said.

Before I go, I'd like to wish all visitors, readers, followers and commentators a Merry Christmas - or whatever you prefer at this time of the year - and a very Happy New Year. Many thanks for your ongoing support, which has always been of great encouraging and inspirational value to me. Please stay with me - I'm looking forward to an exciting new year, ready to be shared with you all!

Sire Godefroy aka Tilman

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Giles said...

Happy New Year to you, Sire G. I look forward to seeing more posts in 2011.

Best wishes



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