Monday, February 21, 2011

Jason and the Argonauts

Last weekend saw the Tactica 2011 show. Finally, for some of us. In short, we had a blast! And I still haven't recovered enough to list all the impressions I got. However, I think that our presentation provided good fun for those who joined the Argonauts in search for the Golden Fleece. Here's a big thank you to all participants and, to be sure, to my project partners!
And this is whereby it all started.

Admittedly, this nice little sheep skin was provided by my mate Jan (Lt. Hazel). He also did the basing and varnishing for all the following figures, painted by me over the last months. So, a big 'thank you' and all the glory to you, chap!

First off, the hero himself: Jason, true heir to the throne of Thessaly, adventurer and conqueror of the Golden Fleece. Here he's accompanied by his sidekick Argos, who build a ship (with divine support) famously named after him. The lady to Jason's left is Medea, princess of Kolchis, indued with witchcraft and desparately in love with Jason.

Maybe even more famous than the Argonauts' leader: Herakles, demigod and strongman. Followed by his hetairoi: Iolaos (left), Herakles' personal driver, and Hylas, his weapon bearer.

With an expertise at monster hunting, second only to Herakles: Theseus (left), slayer of the Minotaur, and Bellerophontes, victorious in battling the Chimera.

Then there are (left to right) the Dioskouroi, Kastor and his immortal brother Polydeukes. The latter is known for his abilities as a pugilist and here portrayed accordingly. However, they are rivalled by another pair of twins, Idas and Lynkeus. The relationship between those four is ultimately doomed.

The only woman aboard is Atalante, nimblest huntress of Hellas and an excellent runner. She (or better said, her virginity) is protected by Meleagros, her immortal and loyal lover - platonic, of course!

Ballistic support is also provided by a pair of archers, Poias (left) and his son Philoktetes. Both are sparkling sharp shooters, although Philoktetes' fame is still to be earned.

Kalais and Zetes are the sons of Boreas, the Northern wind. Their father fitted them with purple wings. Although both joined Jason's journey, I've only portrayed Kalais (left). Here he's shown in company of Orpheus, Greece's most famous bard.

Although great heroes in their own right, some less known crew members (from left to right): Nestor in his teens; Akastos, son of evil Pelias, a spy; Telamon, conqueror of Troy, long before Agamemnon's attempt; Tiphys, coxswain of the Argo; Peleus, shall foolishy fail to invite Eris to his wedding party.

Again, from left to right: Aethalides, the Argonauts' herald; Periklymenos, a shape shifter; Amphiaraus, a famous seer; Laertes, father of Odysseus; Admetos, homeboy of Apollon; Mopsos the Lapith, battled the Kentaurs.

On their way to Kolchis the Argonauts must pass the Symplegades, clashing rocks that will crush the unprepared travellers. However, the seer Phineus knows how to get through safely. And he surely would be quite grateful for any help himself, for he's badgered by a pair of Harpyies, send by vengeful father Zeus.

If they succeed, the Argonauts will finally reach the Black Sea and the shores of Kolchis. There they will be welcomed by king Aietes (second from the left) and his royal household.

Memorials of times and heroes long gone by line the ways of the Argonauts, spurring them on to even greater deeds.

And this concludes the survey at my contribution to our participation game. Of course, we had more miniatures aboard, since we played four different scenarios: Think for example of Talos, the giant made of bronze, or the dragon protecting the Golden Fleece. However, these items weren't painted by me, and I don't want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes
Photos of the actual game being played were taken by our friends from the Spieltrieb club, see here (scroll down a bit). The game was broken down into four 'scenes', each on a separate board. Players could choose their 'cast' of heroes supporting Jason with their individual abilities. We used a slightly adapted version of the Lord of the Rings ruleset by Games Workshop, which worked a treat as a fast-paced, introductory-level game.

One last piece I'd prepared and a testimony that we offered quite a lot of play-throughs, is the beleaguered dice board - with appropriate dice, of course. For anyone wondering, the dish is inscribed with the first lines from the Argonautika by Apollonios of Rhode.

Us wargamers are crazy, aren't we?

Painted October 2010 to February 2011. Models by Wargames Foundry and Otherworld.


Der Tsstler said...

I love that stuff - just impressing I especially like the colours you choose light like myth and heaven !!

Well done.

Hetairoi said...

Wow... Absolutely the best greek-stuff I´ve ever seen!!

Please, I need more pics! :-)

Ray Rousell said...

They look fantastic!! They actually made my mouth water. Well painted!!!

Doc Phobos said...

This together with the Sudan game where my absolute favourites! And it was the very first game I've ever played at a convention. And what a blast it was! :) Thank you so much for organising it, thank you for your creativity and wonderful work as a team and feel as proud as you can about it! :)

The figures, which were done by yourself, are simply fantastic!

The Angry Lurker said...

Beautiful painted foundry figures, sounds like you had a blast.

Rokurota said...

Great work!

Muskie said...

This is just awesome. The skin tone is great and having a fig for everyone, is beyond great, that is real dedication.

This is one of the best things I've seen in the hobby online in a long time.

I need to get of my ass and do something...

Mr. Bigglesworth said...

What a great way to celebrate mythology and classical tales. A wonderful tribute.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look just fantastic SG! I wanted to come, but just not in the cards this year. Really, really nice and some of the best Greek stuff I've seen.


Sire Godefroy said...

Many thanks, chaps! Really appreciate your kind words!

Doc Phobos, t'was a pleasure to meet you in person. Lt. Hazel already suggested to include you in our planning for next year's Tactica - and I strongly support that.

Christopher, too bad you couldn't make it to the show. Would have loved to meet you, too, like so many other "web acquaitances". Hopefully, we'll see you next time!


Donogh said...

Fantastic work - spot on, with a nice "uniform" for the Argonauts while still having some individuality to them
Look forward to seeing them in action later...

Paul´s Bods said...



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