Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Royal Artillery 6pdr (2nd ed)

Three weeks after Tactica 2011 my first purchases are painted! Admittedly, it’s not all of them, and also I miraculously refrained from buying a lot. Having the whole Perry range within reach was, however, a major temptation. So I ended with the absolute minimum, one single blister for my AWI British. Since it’s only a few models, I couldn’t resist to squeeze them into my painting plans already set. Therefore today I may proudly present the second gun for the British batteries.

You’ve already spotted the green uniforms. These are a nodd to the New Jersey Volunteers, one of the biggest and most famous Loyalist regiments. During the Philadelphia campaign their 2nd battalion supported the heavily undermanned Royal artillery. Granted, I couldn’t find first-hand accounts for if they served merely by manhandling or actually operating the guns.

Anyway, the scene almost suggested itself: With one man ‚fine-tuning’ the muzzle while his comrades look on, I immediately thought of a RA officer showing the rope to those unlearned colonists. To underline the officer’s authority he’s portrayed in full dress and powdered wig. I also added the RA’s distinctive white cartridge pouch, impatiently thrown off by its wearer in order to interfere just in time.

The Provincials’ uniform is rather conjectural. A large shipment of clothing to be distributed among the Loyalist regiments arrived early in 1777 at New York City. It is most likely that the New Jersey’s received these green and white uniforms, although they confusingly switched to red faced blue in 1778 and/or 1780. Not to speak of the possibility that the 2nd battalion marched south in their former i.e. civilian dress…
Okay, no further details, the more as there’s an extensive account available by „The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies“.

Encouraged by some successes lately (see the last miniatures from the last posting), I tried to varnish the figures. Used the same procedure – it’s almost like a tea ceremony – but got disappointing results this time again. Some parts became rough as sandpaper, others are still sparkling like hell. Of course, it is not as visible from a distance as under close camera, so the varnish hasn’t spoilt my effort completely. However, I’m still grumbling.

Painted February to March 2011. Models by Perry Miniatures.


The Angry Lurker said...

That is excellent painting my friend, beautiful work.

Ubique said...

Lovely painting - looks like a diorama.


Yarik said...

Nice work!
And very great blog!

Ray Rousell said...

Great work, very impressed!

Doc Phobos said...

Absolutely spectacular, SG! Very nice base all together. From models to the actual basing.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Looks bigger then 10mm to me!;-)

Seriously though SG, glad to see your still in the period and really lovely painting as usual.


AD said...

Wow that's awesome. I am most impressed.

Giles said...

Great stuff, Sire G. The concept of the loyalists is an excellent idea and works well.

Best wishes



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