Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't take the sky

Waiting for ages to be photographed I finally took pity of the following figures today. I'd ordered them quite a while ago after a strange coincidence: I had watched the phenomenal "Firefly" series for the second or third time. (If you haven't heard of it yet - heaven forbid! - head over to your favourite DVD dealer immediately and GET IT RIGHT NOW!) On the other hand my research on (ultra-)modern warfare rules - to be used with my Near Future Russian partisans - had led me to Ambush Alley Games and a preview version of their "Tomorrow's War" rulebook. A Sweetwater fellow advised me of Ground Zero Games who produce also a set of not-Serenity crewmembers in 15mm - and I was sold.

The core crew (left to right): Jayne, Mal, Zoƫ, Wash & Kaylee
[Click to enlarge]

As you know, I'm trying my hand on different scales this year. And these miniatures were some kind of a first or renewed venture into 15mm's. First off, I went a bit crazy about painting details onto them. For army projects this would be pointless, I know, but since these are intended for skirmish games it seems managable. Still, being a 'shot in the dark' I'm not overly confident of the paintjob and the basing as well. Thus comments on that are more than welcome!

The passengers (left to right): Inara, Sheperd Book, Simon & River
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Originally, I wanted to wait until I'd finished additional bits and pieces to stage them in a decent setting - opponents, huts and, of course, cows for a start. Having already bought some of this stuff I find my interest concentrated on other projects recently (AWI and 10mm that is). At least I've just managed to add a small vehicle, loosely resembling the 'Mule' quad from the original series. 

The Mule
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Maybe there's more next up, if interest shifts back.
PS: I've experimented with lighting and background. It didn't work out quite as planned, so I have to apologise (again!) for the mixed bag of photo quality.

Painted 2010. Models by Ground Zero Games.


The Angry Lurker said...

Great figures but an excellent paintjob, very well done.

jmezz382 said...

Look great !

I have been looking to get some Ambush Alley rules ... how do you like them ?

Giles said...

Sir G, these are most excellent. In fact, you'd have thought they were 25mm, such is the detail and subtlety of the painting. reat stuff.

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks chaps!
I have to admit, it's really down to the sculpts. These figures are as true to the cast as one could wish, in particular if you look at Simon or Kaylee. Okay, therefore they suffer from the 'hydrocephaly-syndrome', but I'm fine with that. Only real downside are the tall 'pedestals' they are attached to. That's why basing was an issue, and I'm thinking about redoing it in the future.

jmezz382, I've only browsed the PDF of Tomorrow's War and some AARs of Ambush Alley games. From what I've heard and seen, I like their approach, especially regarding initiative and weapon ranges. Downside for me are the masses of 'irregulars' you need for asymmetric conflicts. If ever I'll got a chance to play it, I'll stick to 15 or 20mm since large figures in large forces on large tables are definitely beyond my capacities nowadays.


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice paintjob!

inrepose said...

Excellent work. Mine are still in a box and desperate for some paint! Another left behind project....

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Hi SG,

I nominated you for an award here on your super blog here:



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