Sunday, May 29, 2011

AWI: Trooping the Colours 2011

A bit later than expected I finally dragged out my AWI collection for a 'parade shot'. Let's say they just set out, after a fair bit of skirmishing, for a full-blown summer campaign. 
For another reason that's quite fitting, me thinks, since this day in American Revolution history saw the Battle of Waxhaws in 1780. From there the term "Tarleton's Quarter" arose, as on that occasion the (in)famous Col. Barnastre Tarleton didn't prevent his men from cutting down Virginian soldiers, who had already surrendered.
So be it, here's the picture.

Click to enlarge

You might notice two minor alterations: First, the Mirbach regiment got an additional base, raising it to 16 men, until now the standard size for all my regular infantry units. Second, I've bought and painted a first piece of terrain for this particular conflict; it's the farm house from Perry's. Nothing special about it, perhaps it'll be 'individualised' later on. For now I just wanted something to add flavour to the table in case I shall get to actual gaming.

For the photo I distributed the light infantry among my regulars in order to bring them up to five bases each (which should be the next step anyway). By doing so I'm already able to field regiments sized for big scale rulesets like Black Powder (which, in turn, has only small units of skirmishers). That's quite a nice expectation.

As you can see, at this stage I have at hand: 2 British Regiments of the Line, 1 Hessian Regiment of the Line, 1 British Light Infantry battalion, 1 Hessian J├Ąger-Corps, 1 British Light Dragoon detachment, 2 British RA batteries and 2 brigadiers. Regarding casualty markers I seem a bit optimistic - more to come. In total that's three units added since the last result in December 2009. Obviously it's not a fast- but steadily paced project. ;-)

PS: As a thank-you for your continued support I'll add a poll for the next unit. Please feel free to comment on your voting here as well.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking army and I've immensely enjoyed watching it grow over the past couple years.
One day I'd like my Americans to able to see them on the field of battle.


Consul said...

Fantastic! I remember, the first post I saw when I started following the blog was your last trooping of the colours so this marks the end of the circle for me! Haha. Loved following the blog ever since. Fantastic work.


Giles said...

A wonderful parade, Sire G. Stunning painting throughout with the units put together very imaginatively. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes



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