Saturday, May 14, 2011

Virginian Continentals

Lately I bought me a new camera since I needed a half-decent one for work. However, I still need to get used to it, and therefore I've not yet taken pictures of the things that got finished in the meantime. Mainly 10mm's and a couple of vignette-like miniatures which won't make it into full-blown gaming. Otherwise I'm pondering in particular about recently released rulesets and if to buy them or not; Hail Caesar, Clash of Empires or even 7TV, to name but a few. Maybe more on this in a dedicated posting (or rambling).
Anyway, since I'm determined to finally bring out my AWI forces onto the gaming table, I've agreed with a friend upon painting up at least two units of American patriots - or rebels respectively - for each of us until our next "year end meeting". So here's the first one:

This units could represent almost any newly raised regiment of the Continental army. Its uniform was inspired by Giles Allison's interpretation of the 10th Virginia, and to simplify matters they're designated as "Virginians" by now. What appealed to me the most was the colour combination of grey and yellow, for which I used Foundry's Granite 31 and Ochre 4 pallettes. If you're bold enough or just want a brighter grey, use 31C lavishly straight from the pot; I myself toned it down with a wash of heavily thinned 31A.

Among these are the very first AWI miniatures I ever purchased - originally intended to be used as militiamen in the French & Indian Wars. Compared to more recent Perry releases (owned by Foundry), some of them look almost cartoony. Nevertheless, I like their general characterful and ragtag appearance, for it gives them individuality, especially in contrast to the British machinery of severely drilled soldiers. Whatever the truth is: fighting for personal freedom and by individual choice is an icon in traditional AWI historiography.

In trying to enhance this appearance I got a bit carried away: Firstly, I mixed and matched Foundry's "Minutemen" and "Uniformed Militia" with Perry's "Continental Command". Thus almost every model wears a different garment, some even civilian dress. Also, since I'd read that a considerable part of the American army was made up of former (or actual) slaves, one of the more 'frugally clad' men was painted dark-skinned (back row, with straw hat). Beyond, as I was short of one model in firing pose I drafted a British sergeant into service, who's now bawling out a straggler in the rear. Obviously a uniform doesn't make a soldier...

As always, the unit will receive reinforcements soon, though possibly I'll have to limit that to a base of marksmen (two skirmishers, that is). In the meantime I've finished the fourth base for my Mirbach Hessians, which brought all my British army units up to four bases each. Time for another parade, it seems.
Next step will be a fifth one perhaps - or maybe another flank company instead? I'd like to read your suggestions or wishes; if comments amass I'll set up a poll as well.

Painted March to May 2011. Models by Wargames Foundry and Perry Miniatures, flag by GMB Designs.


Doc Phobos said...

Beautiful work, SG! I like the base dramaturgy as it is usual for you. This time it's a bit low key but I still think it makes your lovely painting come alive even more.

Ray Rousell said...

Beautiful painting! the unit looks great with the mix of figures, I like the colours of the unit grey with yellow facings.

Spinifex said...

I also like your paint job, but I'm especially fond of your painted faces

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Absolutely superb work SG! Your not alone in mixing Foundry and Perry btw.;-) The Foundry AWI really packs a lot of character and so adds that extra flavour to the more serious Perry.


Giles said...

Sire G, these are outstanding paint jobs. It's completely finento have this mix of figures, particularly in the 76/77 years when uniform supplies were bad and units would not have looked uniform. I love the use of the Foundry British figure too - I may "borrow" that idea...

Best wishes


Sire Godefroy said...

Cheers, guys, for your support!
Giles, as I "borrowed" the information on uniforms from you, I'd love to give something back. Looking forward to your next AWI posting, anyway.


Crazy Joe said...

Lovely character - inspirational enough to get me to load tha paint brush again. ;O)



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