Friday, August 03, 2012

A Roman Saga II

Instigated by Lt. Hazel's recent completion of his 4 pt SAGA force, I simply have to find the time for another update on my section of this front. Actually, there's already a backlog of figures that I have painted up but not yet taken photos of. So, expect some updates in a row over the next couple of days.

Anyway, here's the second unit of Roman "warrior"-classed infantry:

Admittedly, these soldiers differ a lot from the first sub-unit in that they are clad in off-white tunics and are wielding rectangular shields (traditionally attributed to legionary units). Since the Romans operated - as far as we know - at least in centuria-size, i.e. about 60 to 80 men, it would have made better sense probably to stay with a more uniform look, especially for a smallish SAGA force. But, come on, there's no fun in it! And that's not to start discussing, if the accustomed view of Roman soldiers being uniformly equipped within the same unit is sustainable. Let's just assume, they equipped themselves with what took their (or their armicustos') fancy.

The shield pattern (LBM decals again) is obviously inspired by findings from Dura-Europos. Therefore I stayed with a more "Oriental" look to the models, some being of darker skin colour as well. I imagined them as one of those far-travelled legionary units, their ranks refilled ad hoc at a number of different places all over the Empire. Their equipment is rather functional than elaborate, with a few curious items like scale hoods and organic armour thrown in. The latter seems to be the latest "fashion" among military dress experts like Raffaele D'Amato or Graham Sumner (more on that on another occasion perhaps).

Final note on the models: Again, these are A&A sculpts, and I have to admit, they are not my favourites. As much as I like the scale hoods, the overall detailing and posing is rather weak. For example, shields have to be attached in quirky angles (some obstructing the model's view), and most models are equipped with either two swords or just empty scabbards. Overall, these miniatures don't appear to be well-thought-out. However, as a group they work good enough.

Painted July 2012. Miniatures by A&A Miniatures. Decals by Little Big Men Studios.

PS: You might have noticed that I'm currently running a poll if to stay with the "Read more" option or not. Please take part!


Brummie said...

Very nicely done. The shields look fantastic. Look forward to seeing the next batch.

BigRedBat said...

Yes, very nice work, again! Simon

Dalauppror said...

Lovely unit Tilman !!!

word is out about your first game...looking forward to the AAR with loots of pictures:)

Best regards Michael

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks, guys!

Yes, we playtested SAGA the other week with our newly assembled troops. However, it was just an exercise to get to grips with the rules, no scenario, just a big (and quite boring) brawl. Really wasn't worth taking pictures of it.



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