Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fiat Dux!

After an agonisingly long wait the Dux has finally arrived here! Okay, it's just a rulebook along with a set of cards, but it got me seriously excited and I have to celebrate this adventus with a dedicated post.
In case you've been hidden under a stone lately, Dux Britanniarum is the latest set from Too Fat Lardies covering warfare in Britain after the Romans had left. Round here we're planning to transfer these rules to Continental Europe – as is already proposed in an article in the latest TFL Summer Special (which has gone online today). For this I dug up some Late Romans I had painted a few years ago. Here's the first bunch to get a slight re-paint:

Despite my admiration for what Bill of Musketeer Miniatures is doing (especially his latest character figures to be found on his blog), I'll stay with the Foundry range. These old Perry sculpts are a perfect match to my imagination of Late Roman front-line soldiers, defending their homes against Germanic invaders (often from their own kin, funnily enough).

More on that soon…


Lt.Hazel said...

Who is this ugly Roman??? ;-) You are doing Late Romans to Face my germans! I Love you!

Brummie said...

Sounds good and the figures done so far are great! Look forward to seeing how this project unfolds

Dalauppror said...

Nice helmet !

And nice minis so far:9

I to have good hope for this Dux and the the next Dux to arrive in late august.

best regards Michael


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