Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Reviews & Forecasts

At the beginning of Janus-headed January there are things to look back at and things to look forward to. Not to join the choir of hobbyists making New Year’s resolutions (always suffered embarrassing results there), here’s just a recap of projects past and ahead.

Since wargaming projects are doomed to never get finished in a literal sense that’s a bit of a misnomer. However, to my biggest surprise, on last recount five projects got battle-ready at least:
  • Mycenaeans for our participation game at the Hamburg Tactica. Admittedly, these were carried over from 2011 but, as always, the bulk of the figures (about 50 in total) were painted at the last possible moment. After the show the armies went into barracks at Hazel’s man cave and haven’t returned yet. Meanwhile you can see them pictured in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy issue 61.
  • 3rd century Romans for SAGA. Triggered by a sudden outburst of Dark Ages vibes round here, these were prepared in a hurry to counter Hazel’s Germanic warband. Finally I got an excuse to paint up those gorgeous A&A miniatures which, as an added bonus, are a perfect fit to the equally exciting late 2nd century Romans from Aventine’s. Happy times!
  • Konradin’s army for Impetus. Again something that I had on my mind for quite some time. The fantastic presentation of the Frankfurter Spieltrieb at Tactica 2012 gave that much needed, erm, impetus not only to restart my Medieval ambitions but to actually complete a basic army. Kyrieleis!
  • Dystopian Wars fleet. Rather an impulse buy after a friend of mine started a Prussian force. Really couldn’t let him down without an opponent in sight, so I’ve gone for a Kingdom of Britannia starter fleet. A few tiny flyers are still to receive some final touches, but all in all the Brits are ready for their first game this year.
  • Surprise encounter for our traditional Year’s End Gaming Weekend™. Just a few 28mm figures, it has to be said. Unfortunately, they haven’t been used in anger yet since we had to reschedule the gathering. Therefore don’t want to give too much away beforehand, but rest assured that they will get pictured here anytime soon.

There were other things I wanted to tackle, even acquired figures for, but never got round to. Here’s what has been postponed to 2013 (and beyond).
  • Army of Charles d’Anjou for Impetus. Never go wrong with two matching armies. Painting this one’s already started, so it’s definitely going to be finished this year.
  • Late Roman warband for SAGA / Dux Britanniarum. My Middle Imperials are already at about the right size to be used for a game with TFL’s much acclaimed “Arthurian” rules and will be upgraded accordingly soon. However, as a true Roman nut I’m drawn to the later period as well. So, again, I’ll start out with a smallish 4 point SAGA force built from Foundry’s “olden but golden” range.
  • 1400 Reloaded. You heard it here first, folks: I’ll give the Later Middle Ages another try. At least I’ve learned from my false start with Impetus in 28mm, and this time I’m aiming for a Dux Britanniarum-sized force. These might be as well the ruleset of choice. But more on that in one of the next postings.
  • WW2 in 15MM. Okay, the Second World War hasn’t been a genuine interest for me. That said, the recently released starter set for Flames of War was simply a deal too good to be missed. The miniatures included provide a nice selection of troops, and they are perfectly usable as starter for other rulesets as well (I’m looking at you, IABSM!). Though, if I ever will add to the core forces included is mainly up to the response of possible project partners.

These projects will keep me busy for a while. There’s the odd side show, of course, still dwelling in the heights of Lead Mountain.
  • SciFi in 28mm. A newly acquired X-Wing miniatures game (which round here has been a huge hit so far) has relit my interest in the genre in general. That could easily draw upon several boxes of figures piled up in my cabinet.
  • Hoplite Wars in 15mm. Ages ago I traded in two army boxes of Xyston Greeks and forgot about them – until recently. Maybe their time to get some paint has finally come.
  • ACW in 28mm. Fairly the same as with the Flames of War boxed set: Perry plastics are always good value for money, but this time it’s Hazel’s turn to convince me of a new project. As I type this I’ve likely given in already.

These are, however, projects with a rather doubtful ending. I have no high hopes for them, the more as you never know what lies ahead (here’s deliberately no mention of the eagerly anticipated advent of Perry-made AWI plastics). Other hobby-related ventures, like commission work or writing articles, will perhaps add to the inevitable confusion of schedules and plans.

In summary 2012 has seen quite a few achievements on my section of the hobby front. However, in all likelihood 2013 is going to be more frugal since I’ve become redundant recently. Thence most effort will be put into finishing my doctoral thesis and/or find a new job as quickly as possible. Nevertheless I’m determined to spare some time for the hobby and, of course, blogging about it. We’ll see how this works.

Finally, what better way to celebrate the 100th post of this blog than by wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2013! Next time there will be pictures again, promised. ;-)


Tony said...

Last year I found that posting a Pledge - to paint more miniatures prompted me to paint more.


Lt.Hazel said...

Uhhhh yeah baby, ACW! I´m really looking forward to game this conflict with you...

Tankred said...

Sounds good for me, Impetus, WW2, SAGA reads pretty much like my favourite list these days. I am looking forward to your Ancient game on tactica. Hopefully you are again my choice for my rare games during the event.

Sire Godefroy said...

Unfortunately, no game on my part at Tactica this year. After a rather exhausting experience in 2012 and without my usual partners in crime I've taken a break, at least for 2013.

Adding shame on misery it's uncertain yet, if I can make it to Hamburg in February at all. It's all down to available funds. But let's hope things will clear up soon.


moonshadow said...

Had somehow missed the fact that you were Mad Doc Morris of LAF. So was delighted to see the start of the Prof's and your Seven days of Antiquity. Your first entry - the thureophoroi is pure brilliance. Once again you have managed to create a colourful figure without it turning into an explosion in a paint factory. The relatively drab shield and predominantly red brown tunic nicely reduce the level of colour to a totally believable level.
I also like the Prof's painting style so have 7 days of delight ahead of me.
Now if you could only persuade Frank and Lt Hazel to belatedly join the two of you my happiness would be complete.

Sire Godefroy said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words! I would've done a recap of this little series here, but there are some changes to this blog ahead – good ones, it has to be said.

Regarding the Lieutenant joining in, well, for the next one that's a possibility at least…


moonshadow said...

Still following yours and the Prof's 7 days of antiquity, both of you have made the last 6 days a veritable feast for the eyes. Your entry yesterday - Flavius Victorinus was rather special. Like the others who've commented I thought the shield was sheer brilliance but for me the best part was the tunic, I thought the yellow green decorated with purple was spot on for the period.
It has been interesting seeing yours and the Prof's figures juxtaposed for the last six days and it has accentuated the differences in style between yours and the Prof's work.
My favourite day was day 3, loved the Prof's Venator, the black was very good, Whilst the mask on your Hilarius was wonderful and the amount of blood on the hammer and sand was just right.
Looking forward to the final entries today.


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