Monday, August 18, 2014


Hey folks, some might have seen my memo over "At the Mountains of Lead" and clicked on the link therein. For those, welcome!
For anyone else wondering what the hell's going on here, just to explain: Due to burning real life issues™ and their miserable effect on my involvement in this great hobby of painting & gaming, I felt compelled to leave said project. This place will therefore by no means become a substitute but rather be used as a backup, just in case I want to share the odd hobby-related ramblings or people like you, dear readers, want to get in touch with me.
Hence, please don't expect any updates, least regular ones, or a general revival. It's just an old hut at sea-level where I can recover from that bloody anoxia. Overall, most likely I will move on sometime in the future–but any announcements will appear here as well as via twitter, of course.

Until then, dust off a chair and take a seat or have a look around, if you want to. Never mind that dog under the stairs, he won't bit, for certain. :-D


  1. It's nice to see your blowing the dust off your old blog. It's easier for me to follow your posts here. Looking forward to seeing some material when you get the time.


  2. Hey Chris, thanks for your kind words. However, like said, better don't expect too much progress here. Real life is awful at the moment, and I can only just manage to keep track of other people's hobby efforts in order to keep me half-sane.

    Cheers, Tilman


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