Monday, October 19, 2015

See Rome and die

Over the last seven days I've run a themed week over at Lead Adventure Forum. This was modelled on an earlier joint venture with Prof. Witchheimer. But since I've been on my own this time, I decided to narrow it down and do something of a (very) special interest: an early Roman warband, set somewhen during the 6th century BC.

The idea was to paint up seven miniatures representing possible forbears of the class-system within later Republican Roman armies. So I got everything from heavily armoured hoplites down to an unarmoured  stone-thrower – which was very kindly supported by Keith from Aventine Miniatures who allowed me to pick and choose from their excellent "Republican Roman" range. This covers mainly the 3rd century onwards, but particularly some Volscian and Etruscan warriors are usable in earlier periods as well.

Not to simply repeat myself here's just the final shot of the warband fully assembled.

The original thread on LAF contains some (not too serious) background details and considerations. At some point I might start a full series on that topic, perhaps along the lines of my Centurion project. But definitely not now since I'm already packing up my stuff again at the moment.
So this is also to inform you about another hiatus – service might (!) resume in the new year, no promises though.

See you all!


  1. Womderful! You are missed, Sire

  2. Truly stunning paintwork !

  3. They look fantastic! Love the bright colours you use.


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