Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Didn't see that coming: Thousand Sons (W30k)

Good God, about time for my annual blog update! :D
While time for hobby activities is and will remain sparse, I've kept painting (at glacial speed) for a few core projects. These are either small scale or "crossover" miniatures, i.e. boardgame pieces or models I just enjoy painting up. To my own surprise under that latter category quite a few models by Games Workshop have been added recently.
This is mainly due to GW's increasing range of boardgames and starterkits, which offer far better value for money than their regular ranges and even contain options for games beyond their usual massed-battle nonsense. Hence one of my most recent acquisitions (well, I'm late to the party) was the "Betrayal at Calth" boxed set.

I'm pretty sure most people know the actual theme of that set. However, I decided to change it slightly and thereby resurrect one of my 40k armies of old: the Thousand Sons.

Testimony to my speed of progress these days, I managed to at least paint up a mere squad of ten Space Marines before the imminent release of GW's next "Horus Heresy" installment featuring the very same legion. What can I say?

A few bits and pieces from Forgeworld's upgrade set (helmets) as well as GW's now defunct Khemri range were added, others simply kitbashed. I also experimented with metallic armour effects, but wasn't happy with the results; so I went for the classic plain red colour scheme. Sound advice on that was provided by this video tutorial by Warhammer TV. Shoulder pad markings will be added in one go as soon as the rest of the marines are ready.

Finally I rebuilt one of the command figures to resemble one of the legion's arch sorcerers. The current fluff doesn't provide any guidelines on badges of rank or other insignia among the Thousand Sons (pre-heresy at least). A crest snitched from a Stormcast Eternals character turned out to be a nice fit. Furthermore two scrolls taken from a Khemri banner were attached to the cloak brooches, and a large halberd (a stand-in for the more common heqa staff) was kitbashed from a few Skaven bits. The hardest part was to create a magic gesture on the left hand. My bitzbox is still pretty limited, so I recarved the hand of a marine who carries a rocket launcher – not the greatest choice but okay.

Of course, as I want to use those minis for the boardgame first and foremost (not interested in 40k in its current format), I need an opposing force. Although it pains me greatly, there is really just one choice in this case, and so an advance party of the dreadful Space Wolves has been sighted already…

Further updates on this (and other projects) might appear here somewhere soon. Otherwise, please check my Twitter account – as seen to the right – for more frequent service. Thanks all for visiting!


  1. They paint up really well don't they?

  2. Indeed, oldies but goldies of design.

  3. Well, that's definitely a case of "Quality over Quantity"!


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