Sunday, October 29, 2017

October already?

The annual update was meant as a joke initially, but has become a sad reality.

This year blogging has taken a severe hit by Photobucket's policy change. Most will have come across that sad story by now, so I won't retell it here. Since large parts of my blog's gallery were hosted there, almost the whole back catalogue of posts and pictures is rendered useless. I have restored some posts. But it is a huge undertaking to download all albums (Photobucket does its best to prevent that) and reupload them somewhere else. Sure, there are ways to outsmart their service, yet I have no trust that there will be any lasting solution with free hosting sites. Also I don't have the time or will to revisit every post affected.

That is the main reason why I have pretty much stopped using this blog. There are now easier (and less time-consuming) ways to record my hobby activities. Which sadly have become few and far between, anyway. Also, after almost ten years of service *oh boy* this site is in desperate need of a major overhaul, in technical terms as well as in format and style. Even small things like fonts cannot be changed due to an outdated custom template, hence I reckon it requires a lot more effort than I'm able to spend on it at the moment.

I won't scrap the blog completely for I still hope to come back to it in this current or any other format. But if you're interested in my progress – what little there is – you can either follow me on Twitter (see the right bar) or keep an eye on the Lead Adventure Forum, which I roam under the guise of Mad Doc Morris.

Until next year or so.
Cheers all!


  1. I can sympathise with you their. I re-structured mine after Picasa web albums (the blogger back end) got canned and lost some of mine.

    Photobucket I still haven't gotten around to sorting out. It wasn't many thankfully but it has frustrated all the forums I post to.

  2. Sad to hear mate. Keep on fighting on getting the posts back up. Struggling myself to get my blog going after a few months without proper updates. THink I'll lost every follower I had :P

  3. Cheers, guys! :)

    I reckon every free hosting service has its limits and will either go bankrupt or turn on its "customers". Unfortunately, I didn't waste a thought on that before the Photobucket issue. Meanwhile I set up my own (professional) website, where I could host shedloads of pictures. But then there's still that issue with refurbishing the blog.
    To be honest, I don't see as many people blogging as there used to be. And perhaps Google will scrap this free service at some point, too…

    Well, it's not all doom and gloom. Still hobbying, still posting pictures – if in the meantime somewhere else. And not the least, Johns Miniatures, you got a new (or returning?) follower. :D


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