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Stirps Centurionum 
A Short History of the Roman Centurion

In essence, the appearance of the Roman centurion in his classical habit has always fascinated me. As a collector I simply had to find an excuse to grab some of those lovely model incarnations, especially in 28mm, and I came up with the idea of staging kind of a family tree. Here it's put together in chronological order and complemented with a general timeline. Clicking the thumbnail pics will lead you to the corresponding postings.

Please note: This project is actually finished. However, knowing myself, I probably keep adding some bits and pieces now and then. For so many great representations are available, there might be inevitable redundancies as well.

Poplios Vibenna, c. 450 BC
Gorgon Studios
c. 625 BC
Founding of the city of Rome

6th century BC
Hoplite warfare introduced to Rome

c. 500 BC
Deposition of the Roman kings, founding of the Roman Republic

396 BC
Conquest of Veii marks the start of Roman expansion in Italy

387 BC
Sacking of Rome by Gauls
C. Acilii Balbos et Vaala, c. 280 BC
Aventine Miniatures

326 BC
Start of the Samnite Wars

280 BC
Pyrrhos of Epirus invades Italy

264 BC
Start of the Punic Wars

212 BC
C. Varius Monophtalmus, c. 149 BC
Crusader Miniatures
Romans begin to attack Hellas

168 BC
Battle of Pydna marks Roman dominance in Asia Minor

154 BC
Wars in Spain relit

146 BC
Destruction of the city of Carthage

133 BC
Failed reforms in the matter of veterans' maintenance

M. Petronius, c. 52 BC
Wargames Foundry
101 BC
Marius fends off Germanic tribes with new standing army

91 BC
Start of the Social War

73 BC
Revolt of Spartacus begins

58 BC
Caesar starts his conquest of Gaul

49 BC
Outbreak of the Civil Wars
L. Caedicius, c. 9 AD
Warlord Games

27 BC
End of Civil Wars, Octavian/Augustus as princeps

16 AD
Occupation of Germania Magna failed

43 AD
Conquest of Britannia

69 AD
"Year of the Four Emperors"

85 AD
L. Aconius Statura, c. 100 AD
Wargames Foundry
Beginning of the Dacian Wars

116 AD
Conquest of Mesopotamia marks largest spread of the Roman Empire

120's AD
Hadrian's programm of retracted and fortified borders

166 AD
Germanic invasion of the Danube provinces starts the Marcomannic Wars

193 AD
Septimius Severus ends the civil wars as new emperor

T. Flavius Romanus, c. 235 AD
A & A Miniatures
224 AD
Persian kingdom overtaken by the Sassanid dynasty

235 AD
Maximinus Thrax made first "Barrack's emperor"

260 AD
Emperor Valerian captured by the Sassanids; establishment of the breakaway realm in Gaul

285 AD
Founding of the Tetrarchy by Diocletian

312 AD
M. Aurelius Heliudurus, c. 330 AD
Warlord Games
Constantine adopts Christian symbols for his troops in battle against Maxentius; factual abandonment of Rome as Imperial residence

330 AD
Dedication of Constantinople

369 AD
Construction programm of border fortifications

395 AD
Factual division of the Roman Empire

Early 5th century
Roman withdrawal from the Northern Provinces begins
Iovianus, c. 406 AD
Musketeer Miniatures

451 AD
Hunnic empire starts to break apart after a repelled invasion of Gaul

476 AD
Insignia of the Western Emperor transferred to Constantinople

486 AD
Clovis defeats the last Roman governor of Gaul

533 AD
Roman reconquest of North Africa and Italy started

627 AD
Flavius Focas, c. 602 AD
Crusader Miniatures
Romans defeat Sassanid Persia decisively

633 AD
Muslim Arab invasion of Roman provinces begins

Finally, in case you are interested in a "companion" book, there is two-volume one from Osprey Publishing - and here you find my review of it.


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